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BigTinyDesigns know how to transform the image of a company by creating eye catching and a mesmerizing logo for it.

Can you recognize these brands based only on a small segment of their logo?

Can you recognize these brands based only on a small segment of their logo?

What is a Logo? More then just a cool SYMBOL or FONT

Getting noticed as a new business in today’s digital world is tough. Trying to establish a strong, consistent and memorable brand is key for sustained success. Besides your product, one of the first places you should start when developing your brand is with the design of a kick-ass logo.

Logo, emblem, trademark, symbol, call it what you will, that image will stand as the “face” of your company so it is very important to understand everything there is to know about a logo.


Before we dive into detail about what a logo is, it’s first important to understand how a logo should be used. A logo is what identifies a company by the use of a symbol, signature or mark. It doesn’t necessarily have to describe what a business does, but it should represent the story of the brand and company. Logos do not sell the company persay, but over time a logo helps consumers build trust with a company’s products or services.

Corporate logos are intended to be the ‘face’ of a company: They are the unique identifier of a company, and through colors, fonts and images, they provide essential information about a business that allows customers to relate with the company’s core brand.

Logos are also a shorthand way of referring to a company in advertising and marketing materials; they provide an anchor point for the various other aspects in a project as well like fonts, colors and the design choices.


Speaking of brands and logos it is time to identify the relationship they have between each other because it’s a very important one.

• Your brand is the story of your company and all it represents

• Your logo is the image that identifies your company

Simply put, your logo is the face of your company while your brand is the personality.

But before you can go out and create a logo, you should first identify what your brand message is. This way that your logo has something to stand behind.

Your image is everything and it takes only a few seconds for people that visit your website to like or dislike what they see and experience on your website. No matter what kind business you are doing, you must have a beautiful logo designed for your company.

BigTiny Designs understand the importance of a logo for any business. It is easy to find a logo designer these days with hundreds of designers ready to make a logo for you for a pittance. But this is where you can go wrong and get a logo that doesn’t suit the style and nature of your business.

BigTiny Designs is aware that logos serve two purposes: to promote the name of your company and to create a visual image representing your services, your business, or your mission.

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“[A logo is] the image emobodying an organization. […] Logos are mean’t to represent companies’ brands or corporate identities”

– Six Revisions

Jacob Cass explains the use of logos perfectly when he said:

“think of logos like people. we prefer to be called by our names – rather than by the confusing and forgettable description-such as “the guy who always wears pink and has blonde hair”. in this same way, a logo should not literally describe what the business does. but rather, identify the business in a way that is recognizable and memorable.”

Custom Logo Design Process

A great logo is an expression of the company values, culture and people. Think of it as an employee whose main job is to be distinctive and represent the company in the best possible way. What would he look like? How would he feel like? Is he a boss or the guy next door? Is he loud and cheerful or wise and calm?

That’s why BigTiny kick-off logo design projects with some good, quality conversations with the client. We aim to learn as much as possible about the company culture, values and the way they do business, and then inject that message when they design a logo.

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Once you get to know the client, you’ll need to find out more about:

  • who is the logo for (the audience)
  • who you’re up against (the competition)

Knowing your audience will give us some clues as to where you need to take the logo, style wise. For example, if you’re working for a teenage market, we’ll probably need something mainstream, loud and catchy. But if your teenagers are wunderkinds who dig computer programming, we may need to think harder.

The second, and perhaps more important part of this process is researching our client’s competition. We need to see who else is out there and how their logos look, so we avoid doing something similar, or worse — doing something identical. Remember, our work has to set you apart from everybody else, so we will ask you to give you a list of key competitors you need to consider.

This phase is about answering one simple question: how and where will the logo be used most of the time? Different usage of the logo is typically referred to as “logo application.”

This is really essential for the logo design process because it tells us what can and cannot be done from a design point of view.

Web-based companies, who do most of their business online. In this case, we might decide to use full RGB spectrum for the logo, because digital devices have no problems with that and it might help the logo stand out. On the other hand, this would be a very bad choice for a company who does business offline and has to print a lot of stuff.

For this reason, we always think carefully about where their logo will be used most of the time, so we don’t waste time on ideas that cannot be executed in practice.

We usually sketch dozens of logo ideas during the brainstorming phase, then pick only a handful to present to the client. That’s how BigTiny Designs do it.

Our main objective is to get your feedback on our rough ideas and identify the ones you’d like to refine.Your main objective is to get client feedback on your rough ideas and identify the ones they’d like to refine.

The refinement stage is the longest one because it involves a lot of back and forth regarding the improvements and changes for the presented logo drafts. Sometimes you will pick just one idea for refinement — sometimes you’ll run two or three in parallel just to see where they go.

After you’ve reviewed your revisions, we’ll polish the logo off and create a variety of files for you to use in whatever way you need.

Ultimately, the final logo is chosen, approved and prepared for identity development.

As you can imagine, a great logo is not the end but the beginning of a great brand identity.

Business stationery, signage, vehicle branding and many other communication tools have to be designed so they all send a unified brand message. Identity development makes that happen.

Your logo ill be saved in a variety of formats that can be used on the web, in print materials, and even blown up for billboards.

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